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Change the way you think and fall in love with Instagram again

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by Instagram? Stuck worrying about what to post next and how to keep the momentum going?

Trust me, you’re not alone.

But by following this one simple mindset shift, you’ll change how you think about Instagram and fall in love with your grid all over again.

Ready for the magic?

Imagine, for a moment, you own a high-street boutique clothes shop. How would you treat your customers?

Well, first you’d welcome them when they walked through your door. You’d smile and say hi, or you might ask them if they needed any help. Either way, your goal would be to create an environment they feel comfortable in.

And what about your regulars? You’d have a chat, right? Ask them how they are and what they’re been up to. You’d grow to understand their tastes so that you could show them new stock or share a special offer with them.

Well, Instagram is really no different. Whether you’re selling products or services, your goal is to get to know your followers and build their trust and respect so that they feel confident enough to buy from you.

Let’s see how that would look on Insta...

Welcome new visitors

When someone new takes the time to follow you or comment on a post, reward them for that action. Reply to their comment or head to their profile and like and comment on their most recent post. You don’t have to rush in with a follow.

Focus on the followers you have

Instead of worrying about the followers you haven’t got, focus on giving a more personal experience to the ones you have.

For your followers, this will feel like the difference between an attentive assistant in a chilled-out boutique and battling for attention in a packed Primark. They’ll feel special.

Find out about them

Chat to your customers in the same way you would if they walked into a physical shop. Use your posts to ask questions and find out who they are and what they like.

Ask for their feedback on new designs or products. Make them feel valued and part of your brand.

Let them browse

Followers won’t know what you sell if you don’t tell them, so don’t shy away from this. In amongst all the helpful tips and tricks posts, you need to actually promote your products and services.

On Instagram there are SO many ways to do this; there’s your grid of course, but also stories, reels, guides and lives. And if you sell physical products, make sure you set up an Instagram shop.

Ask what they need

Not sure what to post? Don’t be afraid to ask your followers what they’d like to see more of.

You can also get a steer on this by looking at your analytics to see which kind of content is working best. We can also help with this.

Recommend other businesses

Let’s head back to your imaginary shop. Imagine someone comes in and asks for something you don’t sell. What would you do? You’d suggest somewhere else on the high street they could try.

Why not do the same on Instagram? Supporting other like-minded businesses is a great way to build trust and a community, and - with any luck - someone might recommend you to their followers too.

Offer advice

You know your followers better than anyone, so tailor your advice to them. Share tips and tricks that will help them out and make them feel good about themselves.

Closed on Sundays

There’s no denying that managing your Insta account can be a time-consuming business so don’t be afraid to take time off. Setting boundaries - like taking Sundays off - is important for keeping a healthy balance.

Still feeling stuck? Let us help.

Contact us / 07949395440 to arrange an Instagram power hour.

We can answer all your Insta questions and teach you how to get the best out of the app without it taking over your life!


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